Angling guidance and tuition at Rib Valley

Learn to fish in London or Hertfordshire with Matthew Pierce Fishing is an absorbing and exciting pastime, connecting you with nature and the great outdoors. Learn to fish, and it could be the start of a lifetime of interest and enjoyment. You can go fishing close to home, at the seaside or even abroad. It’s a great way for family or friends to have fun together, but it’s also ideal if you feel like spending a day on your own.
As a licensed fishing coach for both coarse and fly angling, I can help you or your family get started. If you already fish, I can help you progress. Anyone aged 6 or over will enjoy themselves catching fish and learning new skills, with screens and phones forgotten (for a while at least).
Learn to fish in London or Hertfordshire
Experience the excitement of a fish on your line
Master different angling skills
Find out about birds and wildlife

If you have any questions then please give me a call, send me an email or visit my webpage for more details

Matthew Pierce

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