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Lake event dates.

Westmill lake – Sunday 22nd Oct – Ware A.C. match. Pegs to be confirmed, river side of lake.

Westmill Lake – Sunday 29th Oct – Garrads A.C. match, 10 anglers, pegs to be confirmed.

Millennium Lake – Sunday 3rd Dec – TEFF regional fish-off competition. For more info or to compete contact Mike Loy on 07708 219874. Numbers as yet unknown, will update nearer the event.

Millennium Lake – Sunday 10th Dec – RVFFC Fur and Feather. Lake CLOSED.



Over the last week the average angler return has been over 5 fish per session!Please remember to return catch cards as many are not being handed in already and they help with the lake management!

The lake has been fishing well with trout being caught mainly on Cats Whiskers or lure type patterns. Some fish have been fooled by buzzer patterns as well. The wind has been blowing towards the golf course bank and a lot of fish have been caught along this edge.

Below are a selection of pictures showing the lake at almost its most empty before we netted the coarse fish out to move them to the other lakes.

(23rdApril2017) RVFFC held their Peter Todd Floating Line Competition. The going was tough with the fish not responding to much but fish were caught and winners decided! John Upcott won the day, catching the full four fish bag, with Martin Harvey coming in second and Peter Edwards third.

Jeff Wilkinson landed and returned one that weighed in at at 7lb 2oz (see below)



(above) Peter Edwards with 8lb and 6lb trout taken as part of a RVFFC comp..

Remember the Millennium Lake is a registered TroutMasters water, so please do fill in those entry cards and send them in! Any fish 3lb and over is worth sending in and you may make it through to our lake final next year and maybe even into the grand final held at Grafham reservoir! The top three fish of each month at our lake receive a TroutMasters badge to sew onto your cap!


Please remember that ALL Brown trout are to be returned.  If you should get a good picture of these, or for that matter any of the trout from the lake I would love to have a copy and be able to put some new photos up on the website. Just send them through to my email address.

Hope to see you on the bank soon!

Return ALL catch cards, even blank ones!

I need the returns to let me know how the lake is fishing, what fish have been taken and therefore need replacing. If I don’t know they are gone they are not replaced, which means less fish in the lake and thereby harder fishing! So please, take 2 minutes at the end of your visit to fill in the cards and return them to me. Thank you.


 Pike fishing Starts again on October 1st, so lures and dead-baiting can start again! Good luck!

Carp and Pike being caught this week. A couple of pike over 20lb reported caught on dead-baits, whilst smaller examples have provided good fun on lures and jigs.

As you may have seen, we drained the Millennium Trout lake to remove some of its coarse fish. The Pike and Carp we moved to Rib Lake. Here are a few pictures of some of the fish we moved.

Elvin with a surface caught 29lb Common (Sept 2017)

As well as the carp, still some nice Roach and Perch being caught to lighter float and feeder tactics.

A great Perch for this young angler!

(14.8.2017) A 32lb 4oz Common Carp was caught at the weekend by Mr Webb, a season ticket holder. One of the tackle shop staff witnessed the weighing. Hopefully I will have a few pictures to put on here soon!

As you can see from the picture below, the weed is of benefit to smaller fish in their survival and we have found a few small carp which we haven’t seen for years!

 Si with a near 20lb surface caught Common.

 Gary Edmonds with a fly rod caught Common of 20lb+

(Left) Brian Cuttmore with a 27lb Mirror, one of several fish he caught.

Look for signs of life before setting up, a 5min walk around the lake before starting could mean the difference between catching and not!

Remember there are other fish in the lake, with some good sized Perch and Roach, Tench and Chub. Started to have reports of the odd Bream showing up as well!


Fishing a little slow at the moment, even after adding hundreds of Bream a few weeks ago!

As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, the water temperature will start to decrease, so bear this in mind when planning your fishing trip. Start to use slightly finer set-ups and do not over feed a swim with to much ground-bait or loose-feed. The fish will start to eat less as their environment cools down and you don’t want to fill them up on freebies before they’ve picked up your hook-bait!

Marin Sims enjoyed taking his son out for his first overnight fishing adventure!

 Sam Edmonds helped hundreds of new people enjoy there first taste of fishing this summer as part of ‘Get Hooked On Angling’ that he works with. They caught all manner of fish, including this surprise Pike from the Westmill Lake!

A 5lb Carp being inched towards a match anglers waiting net!






(25.6.2017) Garrads Angling club held a match on the Westmill lake. The top bag weight was 66lb, second was 61lb and third was 45lb. The lowest bag came in at 16lb. Fish were made up of Carp, Tench, Bream and Roach.

(above) A tench being landed.

(below) Mark North hitting into a Carp on a Method rig.