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Lake event dates.


Sunday 27th May– Westmill Lake – SEAS match, 20 anglers, peg numbers to be confirmed.

Wednesday 20th May – Westmill Lake – Start of the Rib Valley Tackle Shop open matches! Running from now until the end of August ,anyone can enter, either as a one off or as a series of matches. Contact the tackle shop on 01920 462200 for more info or to sign up!

June 16th 2018 – We will be able to offer fishing on the River Rib that runs besides are lakes! As part of the normal coarse ticket, you will be able to fish the river from the road bridge on the A602 down to the outfall from the Rib Lake on our side of the river. Over the coming weeks we hope to get some work done on the river to make the swims more accessible.


Fly fishing ticket prices for remainder of the season as follows;

£15   2 fish plus catch and release all day

£18   3 fish plus catch and release all day

£21   4 fish plus catch and release all day


A little harder fishing over the last week with some anglers do well and others not so. Main fly choice is buzzer though nymph patterns also working. Could be worth trying some dries as well as Mayfly and Daddy starting to show

(29.4.2018) The fish-off for the 2017 TroutMasters took place today with 4 anglers competing to win and move onto the final at Draycote Fishery in October. Peter Gander won the day with his 4 fish bag weighing in the heaviest, one of his trout weighed in at 4lb 9oz! Peter Edwards came second, being bested by only 2oz! He to had a good fish that went 4lb 10oz. Mike Villalard and Tom Jeffes put up a valiant effort and both enjoyed the experience.

(above) Peter Edwards with a Rainbow of 4lb 10oz


(22.4.2018) The RVFFC held their annual Peter Todd Floating Line competition on Sunday. They had to fight the heat and blazing Sun but did manage to catch 30 plus fish for the 11 anglers who attended. 1st place was won by Mick Newton, 2nd was George Pavli and 3rd placed was George Fryer.


A trio of trout caught at the RVFFC match back in Feb. (left) Jeff Wilkinson 6lb 9oz (middle) Brian Temple 5lb 7oz (right) Martin Harvey 6lb 3oz.




Robin Davies with a fish of 6lb 4oz taken on a bloodworm. It was returned to fight another day!



Remember the Millennium Lake is a registered TroutMasters water, so please do fill in those entry cards and send them in! Any fish 3lb and over is worth sending in and you may make it through to our lake final next year and maybe even into the grand final held at Grafham reservoir! The top three fish of each month at our lake receive a TroutMasters badge to sew onto your cap!



Please remember that ALL Brown trout are to be returned.  If you should get a good picture of these, or for that matter any of the trout from the lake I would love to have a copy and be able to put some new photos up on the website. Just send them through to my email address.

Hope to see you on the bank soon!

Return ALL catch cards, even blank ones!

I need the returns to let me know how the lake is fishing, what fish have been taken and therefore need replacing. If I don’t know they are gone they are not replaced, which means less fish in the lake and thereby harder fishing! So please, take 2 minutes at the end of your visit to fill in the cards and return them to me. Thank you.


An up and down week for Carp catches with some anglers catching and some struggling. Still spawning activity being seen with some being caught spawned out while others still full of spawn! Plenty of fish being seen cruising about in the bright Sunshine.

(above) A good sized Tench of 8lb 7oz caught whilst after carp for Phil.

Gavin and Jayne with a fish of 21lb A lovely 29lb 8oz Common for this angler


(26.4.201 above) Luke Fone with a beautiful Common of 29lb 2oz, taken on a NutCracker wafter over a small bed of similar offerings.

A father and son duo fished Saturday night and caught 7 carp ranging in weights from 18lb up to 26lb 8oz! (see below)

A 26lb 8oz Mirror and a 19lb 6oz Common




Look for signs of life before setting up, a 5min walk around the lake before starting could mean the difference between catching and not!


Very busy over the weekend and fish proved a little harder to tempt, in part because they are showing signs of spawning, with Carp thrashing about and the Bream wearing their raised nodules on their heads! The match on Sunday did catch fish but not in the numbers we have seen over the last few weeks, with the top weight at 17lb.

(13.5.2018) Stort Valley AC had a match with us that 18 anglers attended. First placed weight was 49lb, second 43lb and a couple of 20lb pluses in third and forth.

(8.5.2018) The ‘Over the Hill’ angling club held another match with us and despite it being a very busy weekend they still had good results. 1st was 45lb 12oz, 2nd was 31lb 6oz and 3rd was 27lb 5oz.

(22.4.2018) Westwood Ho had 6 anglers attend for a match and fished the pegs 15 – 30. They all caught fish with the winning weight being 32lb, second 28lb, third and forth 27lb.

(25.3.2018) The Abbotts AC match produced some good bag weights. First was won with 32lb, second was 31lb 2oz and third was 24lb 2 oz. Lots of Bream caught with some bonus Carp and lots of Roach. Both sides of the bridge fished with the winning weight coming from peg51 and second from peg3. Below is the second placed angler with his catch.


A 5lb Carp being inched towards a match anglers waiting net!