Fly Fishing – Millennium Lake

Millennium Fly Fishing Lake


Fly fishing resumes on the lake on Saturday 30th September. Please be aware that the lake water level is down at the moment due to some work we have down on the lake so if you decide to fish with us you will need to walk down the bank to the waters edge. At the current rate of filling the lake should be back to its normal levels in a weeks time. Hope to see you soon!

Millennium Lake is around five acres in size with depths to fourteen feet and will accommodate up to thirty rods.

Stocking is with at least 600 rainbows mainly around 2lbs. Larger fish to 6lbs will also be stocked, subject to availability.

From Andrew Lee I fished on Monday afternoon (5 April) and was lucky enough to catch my two biggest trout from your venue. The first was 4 lb 8 oz and was a lovely fish. The second was 5 lb 11 oz and fought like a demon, it just did not want to be landed. I attach a photo of the pair and look forward to many more happy days on the bank.

For up to date news and prospects for fly fishing go to News and Prospects

Ticket Options and Prices

Tickets must be purchased from the tackle shop during shop opening hours from 8am-6pm.
If you arrive outside shop opening hours your ticket will be issued on the lake side.

  • Day ticket, first 4 fish killed plus C&R £34.00
  • Day ticket, first 3 fish killed plus C&R £30.00
  • Day ticket, first 2 fish killed plus C&R £25.00
  • 6 hour ticket, first fish killed plus C&R £21.00
  • Junior (under 16) day ticket, first fish killed plus C&R £12.00
  • RVFF Club members, first 2 fish killed plus C&R £23.00

N.B. First Rainbow trout must be killed on all tickets (i.e. All anglers must take at least one fish.)

Those Anglers taking the two, three and four fish killed tickets do not have to kill more than one fish.

Fly fishing is usually suspended at the end of May, due to high water temperatures being unsuitable for the stocking of trout. The lake will then be open to bait fishing for trout and silver fish until mid September when restocking will take place and fly-fishing will be resumed. Check the ‘News and Prospects’   for when fly fishing commences in the autumn as this can be dependent on weather and other factors.

Fly Fishing Rules and Regulations

  • Fishing times, 6 a.m. until dusk.
  • Fishing is with fly only, maximum long shank 10. Teams are allowed.
  • Anglers must hold a current E.A rod license.
  • Any angler killing more fish than ticket allows will be permantley banned from fishing at Rib Valley Lakes and will render himself liable to  prosecution for theft.
  • First Rainbow trout must be killed on all tickets.
  • Selective culling is not permitted.
  • Sharing of bag limits is not permitted unless expressly allowed to do so by the bailiff.
  • When fishing catch end release, debarbed hooks only, boobies not allowed.
    Anglers must have and use micro-mesh or approved landing nets for landing fish.
    Fish must not be removed from the water whilst unhooking.
    Any angler considered to be mishandling fish will not be allowed to continue fishing catch and release..
  • All return cards must be filled in and left in a returns box before leaving, including nil returns. This is essential to allow correct stocking of the lake, for the benefit of anglers of all abilities.
  • The management reserves the right to refuse entry to any persons without explanation. Any angler considered to be breaking fishery rules may be asked to cease fishing and may forfeit any monies paid and any fish caught.
  • We also reserve the right to inspect all anglers equipment. Any angler in serious breach of fishery rules may be banned from the fishery and any monies paid or fish caught will be forfeited.